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Dorset Visual Arts is a not for profit organisation developing and promoting a variety of opportunities for artists, designers and makers across the spectrum of the visual arts to showcase and sell their work.

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The Dorset Salon 1  2017-19. 
A selected fine art membership group bringing together established and recent graduate fine artists.
A salon 2 will be formed for the period 2019-21

Membership Fee £75 - Recent Graduates £55 - This may be paid in two instalments.
Fee includes all Standard Membership benefits.

Meeting around six times a year, much along the lines of a traditional ‘sketch book club', preferably at artists’ studios - maybe the odd pub - the primary purposes of the group will be to: encourage critical debate, share creative knowledge and experiences and perhaps prompt collaborations. It will focus on the realisation of an exciting publishing and/or exhibition project within two years. We expect Dorset’s professional galleries to be closely associated with and influential to The Salon. Our aims should encompass taking project ideas and outcomes beyond Dorset.  

Applications to join this new DVA initiative are invited from well-established fine artists with strong, professional CVs and recent graduate artists, particularly aiming to attract those based in the rural environment.  Recruitment will focus on bringing together the experiences that arise from professional studio practice and fresh thinking and new ways of working prompted by H.E. learning and training.   

Applications are invited by CV, accompanying letter and a selection of images. The letter should include reference to why you think this opportunity might be for you and what you think you can bring to the group .

Together this material should demonstrate achievements such as: regular participation in exhibitions of national standing, work accessioned to collections, winning or shortlisting for competitions, sec-ondary and, or, H.E. teaching experience.  We would welcome applications from experienced cura-tors and art writers who think they might contribute to the creative discussions and means of forming and editing exhibition and public engagement. 

The invitation to ‘recent graduate’ artists is for those 1-3yrs post graduation, with aspirations to full time practice. Given DVA’s remit we particularly encourage those locating their studio practice in the rural environment - but not necessarily their creative stimulus.

We are aware how limited the face-to-face opportunities are for contemporary and critical art debate. DVA is keen to play a more active role in promoting opportunities to raise the profile of high quality creative practice and fulfil practical opportunities to support emergent talent.  One of the best ways is, surely, to promote peer discourse.   We have high hopes that the Salon will generate dynamic cross-generational dialogue, exchanges of practice and spark some exciting collaborations.

The selection group will aim to avoid an overly elitist approach, being very much concerned to form the group around a nucleus of common interests but divergent interpretation.  However, in support of DVA’s charitable aims, the group will play a discrete role in encouraging emergent talent to thrive in Dorset.  Selection, will of course, set a standard but also a focus on what individuals can bring to the group; as well as an interest in opportunities participant’s might expect the group to achieve.  The selection group is currently in formation but will include figureheads of fine art disciplines and curatori-al practice. Its composition will be announced here on or around the 01 November.

This first Salon - representing a two year commitment - will be capped at around 25. It will be sup-ported administratively and given some strategic leadership by DVA.  However, we expect the group to be largely self-directed and motivated and commit itself to being open minded and clique free. Meetings will probably alternate between day and evening sessions. 

Expressions of interest are invited throughout October and early November. Please indicate whether your studio would accommodate a group meeting or activity; hosting how many? Please email to:

[email protected]  - followed by - dorsetvisualarts.org

N.B. please use the normal no spaces format when writing the Eaddress.  It has been written above to reduce the quantity of automated spam mail we receive via the website.