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Vicky Barrett-Webb

Painting & Drawing

Vicky Barrett-Webb has been painting for some years and enjoys using pastel, acrylic and mixed media.  She regularly attends a life drawing group and feels that the skills required for drawing the human form are a good foundation and discipline for developing any artwork.

Landscapes are her main interest, both large and small but she also paints still life.  She has fun in painting various animals and cockerels and other feathered creatures, which have proved popular at Exhibitions!

Landscapes can be in any media and Dorset and the Highlands of Scotland are her main subjects. Italian landscapes are also a challenge, not least in that they require a warmer colour palette from the blues, greys and greens of a British landscape.

Mixed media and collage are another interest using acrylic inks, a textured surface and lots of water spray which often leads to exciting and unexpected results.  Trees and woodland subjects can develop from such beginnings…...

Vicky has been a regular contributor to Dorset Art Weeks.  She exhibits regularly in East Dorset and the Wessex area.  She also has artwork in a Gallery in the North West Highlands beside Loch Torridon.
Cards and prints are available in a few selected venues.

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        NEW EXHIBITIONS in 2017/2018 include:

    OPENS DECEMBER 2nd   until   DECEMBER 19th 2017

          DAILY FROM 10.00AM to 4.00PM


            FEBRUARY 2018  

          Further information asap